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A collaborative shared space for all creative endeavours.
Book a hotdesk for the day or week, do a photoshoot or host an event -
you can do it all in our light and bright studio space.

you can sit with us

A creative co-working space in Levin

The Other Side is a good energy space for your best work.

What do we mean 'good energy'?

This is not a space full of people dragging their feet to a job they don't like - it's a space full of people who LOVE what they do, love learning and love getting it done! 


DIY’d into existence by creatives Helen and Karli from Get Content, The Other Side took shape room by room in 2020. It was built with a dream of having a place for small businesses to work together, a place for people doing cool things to gravitate to and collaborate from.


Currently occupied by residents - The Nomad Creative, Get Content, Lemonface Design, Lisa O’Neill + Thought Leaders the space is full of colour, life and people doing awesome shiz. 


We have a light, bright and airy multifunctional shared space available for rent, suitable for all kinds of meetings, events and casual hot desking, we’d love to host you and hear about what you’re doing.


Why book time at The Other Side?


  • Best vibes

  • Fastest internet

  • Closest proximately to the best coffee in town

  • High energy

  • Free parking

  • Central location on SH1 in Levin

  • Great view from the kitchen

  • Who knows who you’ll bump into?

The Other Side coworking space is located in central Levin and is open Monday to Friday     9 til 3 and by arrangement outside of those hours.

Book it
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Get in touch!

513 a-b Queen Street East, Levin

Helen - 022 644 7504

Karli - 022 1841249

Thanks for your message!

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