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Calling All Epic Humans: Help Us Shape the Future of The Other Side!

To say we've been agonizing about a decision is an understatement. We absolutely adore our creative co-working space, The Other Side in Levin. It's our baby, nurtured with love and DIY'd into existence by us! But here's the thing: we've reached a crossroads, and we need your input to help us make a big decision, and we need to make it quick.

So, here's the scoop: we've got two soon to be empty offices, and we're torn between two options. We could fill them up with permanent renters who are bursting with epic energy, brimming with creativity, and ready to bring some serious vibes to the space. Imagine a community of passionate souls collaborating, supporting, and lifting each other up. It gives us goosebumps just thinking about it!

But, and this is a big but, we're also exploring the possibility of passing the torch and finding someone awesome to take over The Other Side as their own business. Picture this: you, stepping into this vibrant hub, infusing it with your unique vision and passion. It could be your chance to create something extraordinary and leave your mark on the Levin community.

So now we need your help to shape the future of The Other Side. We want to hear from all the epic humans out there who might be interested in renting one of our offices or even taking over the entire space.

Let's break it down for you:

🌟 Good Energy: The Other Side is a place where people love what they do, embrace learning, and get stuff done. It's a far cry from a space filled with people dragging their feet to a job they hate. We're all about positivity, passion, and a zest for life!

🌟 Vibes Galore: Imagine the fastest internet, the best coffee in town within arm's reach, and a lively, high-energy atmosphere. Add in free parking, a central location on SH1 in Levin, and a killer view from the kitchen. Oh, and did we mention the incredible connections you could make? You never know who you'll bump into here!

We're super excited to hear from you. Reach out to us, and let's chat about what you're looking for or how you could transform this amazing space into your own business venture.

To get in touch, visit our website or drop us a line at or reach us on the gram @theothersidecreative513

With love, enthusiasm, and a sprinkle of creative magic,

Helen and Karli (aka The Get Content Gals)

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